Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just Start

"Just start, Robin . . . just start." 

A friend came to this blog looking for my words recently, and found only an info page. . . . She came looking for my words. . . . my words? 

And here I sat. Where I've been now for sometime.

Pressed in. Shut down. Bound from beginning to end.

My words, though dormant, strain against my chest. 

Joy's gentle affirmation re-spun itself through the filtering system of my brain. She's right. 

And so this diary (of sorts) begins. I've been designed by God to bear his image. Be a reflection of his face in a dark, hurting world. Since that is so, the binding has to go. And trembling, I start. 

I started, Joy . . . I just started.

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