Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PRICELESS Giveaway for Slavery Awareness: Winner Announced

Thank you to all who responded to the invitation to know more about human trafficking. I literally wrote out your names and put them in my special bowl. I'll continue praying for each of you by name and welcome any continued contact you desire. I also welcome your prayers as I continue asking God to show me how to respond with the gifts I've been given.

I'll be sending two copies of PRICELESS by Tom Davis to Pastor Joe Wilson. One for him to read and one to give away on his blog, from the pulpit, over dinner, however he chooses.

I had a third copy to share from my stash, so I drew a second name. Surprise! I'll be sending "Fiddlin' Momma" that copy. She gets to decide whether to read it herself, pass it along for someone else. Or both!

While I'm posting "winners," I'm confident God will use these books and our open hearts in ways we can't today fathom. I have a feeling He already is. We may never know the names of the real winners as we use what we now know to perpetuate awareness and offer hope for victims of human trafficking.

God bless you.


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